Hutnik Kraków | Stowarzyszenie Nowy Hutnik 2010 - oficjalna strona
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New Hutnik - manifesto

Being a football fan means supporting players fighting on the pitch, those have the same logo on their hearts as there is on their fan’s scarves... dreaming about players who will join your club... watching matches, goals, and replays on TV, listening to reporters' opinions... commenting coach's decisions... reading match reports in newspapers at the very beginning.

This is not the first time when the colours white-sky blue-blue demand a lot from Hutnik Krakow fans.

Knowing the situation; that Hutnik team will not play in the league because of the financial problems – insolvency – makes it necessary for fans to create their own football team. It is the most important thing, no doubt! At first we must rebuild the system in order to allow young boys from Nowa Huta to train football. It would enable them, in the future, to be promoted to the first team officially representing Nowa Huta.

However, this is still not enough – we have to implement a transparent model of financing the football club.

We want to wake up in Nowa Huta's citizens the pride of being part of the unique place they live in. Such pride is built up by the footballers, our neighbours.

Our target is to persuade local entrepreneurs that financing the local football club is not only a way to increase sales and investing in their brands. We want to show that caring for the surrounding neighbourhood and local society has a much stronger impact than any marketing campaign. We strongly believe that our success will be proved by putting up the announcement "I support my local football team" on the notice boards placed in Nowa Huta.

We will build the club and the fans will be part of it. The decision makers will be the fans. We will become "socios" of Nowa Huta.

We believe we can do it. We know how to do it.

Join us! Let us build New Hutnik together – Nowa Huta Football Club.